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For all the Minecraft fans, we’ve got an awesome tool for your guys. Block Launcher app is an amazing tool which can help you install Minecraft mods easily. Any and every Minecraft mod that you find online uses Block Launcher to load the mod in the game. Here, we are going to take you through a series of demonstration, wherein we’ll explain how you can get the Block Launcher, how you can install Block Launcher and how you can use Block Launcher to load the Minecraft mods in a simple way.

block launcher app

How To Download Block Launcher App?

  1. Go to Play Store & search for Block Launcher.
  2. You’ll see Block Launcher Pro & Block Launcher.
  3. Install the Block Launcher or if you want to, buy Block Launcher Pro.
  4. Open the Block Launcher once installed.

How To Configure Block Launcher App?

  1. Open Block Launcher app.
  2. At the top, you’ll see a Settings icon, click on that.
  3. It’ll show you a menu.
  4. You’re only going to use Manage ModPE scripts & Texture Packs.
  5. First, select Options>>Turn on Texture Pack, Manage Patches & ModPE Scripts.
  6. Go back and now close the Block Launcher app.

Now, we need to download a Minecraft mod & then load it using Block Launcher. In order to download Minecraft mods, you can simply go to mcpedl.com. It is the best place to get mods for Minecraft. Download any mod you like. Make sure that you’ve downloaded a Mod and not any other promotional app.

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  1. Open the File Manager>>Downloads.
  2. Now extract the Zip file you just downloaded.
  3. The extracted folder will contain a .js file which is actual mod.
  4. And there will be another zip file which is the texture pack.

Some mods may not have a texture pack, and that’s not an issue.

How To Use Block Launcher To Load Minecraft Mod?

  1. Open Block Launcher.
  2. Go to Settings menu and select Texture pack. (Only if you mad has a texture pack)
  3. Now find the extracted folder and select the zip file from that folder.
  4. The Block Launcher will restart automatically once you load the Texture Pack.
  5. Once Block Launcher opens again, go to Settings Menu.
  6. Select Manage ModPE Scripts.
  7. Import the js file from the extracted folder.
  8. If you get an error after importing, then there’s an issue with the mod. Download another mod.
  9. The mod has been successfully loaded now.
  10. Start Minecraft and test your mod.

It may happen that when you’re using the modded Minecraft, the app may get closed and you may get an error message saying “Unfortunately, the app has stopped”. Now, this is not a problem with Block Launcher, it’s the mod which is creating the issue and it is up to the developers of the mod to fix it.

So that’s all you need to do for loading and running a Minecraft mod using Block Launcher. If you’re facing any issues during any part of the process, feel free to hit us up in the comments & we shall help you out. Cheers!

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